Our Mission
We believe love is the greatest thing in the world and are committed to creating opportunities for singles to connect in the hope of finding that special someone. We understand navigating the bar scene, online dating or just pure happenstance is not easy. Our goal is to create events focused on bringing singles together all in the spirit of helping you have enough chances to find that special someone.
Our Founding
LGBT Singles Events was born in Denver Colorado in January 2017. Our founder is passionate about supporting local businesses and the community we live in. The company was built on the foundation that love, people, and connections come first, and that through increasing the different ways people can meet we can help increase the chances of finding that next partner, friend, or something more.


Our Partners
LGBT Singles Events partners with a number of local venues for event locations. Although occasionally we need to hold events at national chains, we prefer to keep our business local in the community as much as we can. We also occasionally partner with other singles groups, event groups, dating professionals, and more. If you are interested in being one of our partners, please check our partnerships page for more information.