Are you interested in being one of our venue partners? That’s fantastic! We’re always looking to expand our venue options and community connections.
Guiding Principals
We believe in creating a win-win relationship for our guests, our partners, and our business. We want our guests to be happy with the venue’s location, pricing, and atmosphere. We want our partners to be happy with the business we’re bringing them, the feel of our events, and how it fits with their overall business strategies. We want a venue that meets those goals and is flexible with the uncertainties in running an event-driven business.
Benefits to our Partners
The biggest advantage to our partners is the marketing and publicity. Not only do the people that attend get to see the venue first hand and experience what it has to offer, but as we advertise for the event, our entire reach will see the venue name in the advertisement. Other advantages include the revenue the event generates for the event. Most our venues pick slow times where having the added revenue of our guests is an added bonus. Generally if venues provide happy hour or special pricing, most our guests enjoy additional drinks and possibly appetizers. For special events and parties we work with the venues to come up with the best arrangement for everyone.
What we ask from our Partners
We are pretty easy to work with and open minded on times and dates. What we ask is that the venue is able to plan out at least 3-4 weeks in advance and commit to a date. With that, they would commit a portion of the venue (private or semi-private) to dedicate to our event. Our goal is that our venues would be able to provide at least 1-2 days per month for events. Though our events are based on demand so we can’t really make any frequency commitments to our venues. We also ask that there is someone present to help facilitate day-of logistics (see below for more information). We promise to our guests that we will protect their privacy, so we ask that our venues respect that we will not be able to provide guest lists or contact information. However, venues are more than welcome to provide freebies or coupons or ask to sign-up for their newsletter.
Day of Logistics

The day of the event, our host will typically arrive between 30-60 minutes in advance. We prefer to have a point of contact to work with during the setup to make sure everything is aligned for a smooth execution. There may be some reconfiguration of the seating required to accommodate our desired flow. The desired flow for our speed dating events being mostly 2-tops in a private or semi-private part of your establishment, with the ease and convenience of the couples sliding to the adjacent table every 3-6 minutes.

Once the event kicks off, our host will greet the guests at the door, provide name tags and drink vouchers (for events where we provide drink tickets) as well as share with them the table they are starting at. Typically the guests will grab a drink and find their seat. Once everyone has arrived, the host will provide a brief introduction on what to expect for the night, how long people have to talk, when the break is, etc. Most speed dating events are between 2-2.5 hours and have between 10-20 guests.

For the speed dating events when our guests are fully in the flow of meeting other guests, we ask there is no service during this period. They get 3-6 minutes with each person and flow to the next table until they’ve completed half the circuit. At that point, we break, guests are free to grab a drink at the bar or snacks. After the 10-15 minute break, the guests are back for the final round of speed dating. Following the event, they are welcome to transition to being a full patron, ordering meal service, etc. if they choose. Though we can’t guarantee people will choose this.

At the end of our events, our host typically does a wrap-up letting folks know how they can select their matches, the next steps, and any other messages.

What we cannot promise
We do our absolute best to fill our events and extend as many marketing channels as we can to ensure our guests have a full event of people to meet. However, there may be times where we will have to cancel an event for low attendance. As this goes against our mission of keeping our guests happy and our venues happy, this is our last resort. Though it is possible. Additionally, we can’t make any guarantees people will like the venue, convert to being a future customer, or purchase more than the one drink minimum. With that, we are constantly reviewing our relationships to make sure our venues are happy, our guests are happy, and our business is happy. If it seems like it’s not a good fit (either initiated by the venue or by us), we’ll talk about it and figure out what the best next steps are. We’re pretty flexible like that.
In Summary
Overall we are a local business founded on the idea that love is the greatest thing in the world and the more we can help others achieve it the better our overall community will be. We aim to create a positive and uplifting experience for all our events. We enjoy partnering with venues who resonate with our mission and are willing to be flexible supporting us as we build our brand here in Denver.
Interested in learning more?

That’s wonderful! Feel free to email us directly at We look forward to exploring a partnership with you!