For most people, their first time going to a speed dating event can be a bit intimidating. Though almost everyone we talk to during and after the events say how easy and fun they are!

One of our venue partners, Vinue Wine Bar in Cherry Creek

What do I need to know before the event?
There is nothing you need to prepare ahead of time. Most people just wear their normal first date clothes, nothing to fancy, Denver is a pretty casual laid-back city. We’ve found people have the most fun when they don’t come with prepared questions or expectations for the night, an open mind = fun times!
What happens once I get to the event?

You’ll check in with the host when you first arrive to get your event information, name badge, and drink ticket (if applicable). Most people try to arrive a little before the start time so they can mix and mingle before the event begins. This also helps with those first event jitters!

If you are running late, please contact us as soon as you are aware. We typically wait to start the event until everyone arrives.

How much time will I have with each person?
It depends on how many people are attending and how long it takes for everyone to arrive. Normally you’ll have around 5 minutes with each person, give or take. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in the first few minutes about whether you’d be interested in going on a first date with the person or not. Most people tell us they knew in the first minute!
What are the mini-dates like?

Most of our events you’ll meet between 10-15 singles. Some events are smaller and some are larger. Everyone will be assigned a starting table number and will rotate after each mini-date until you’ve met each person. We’ve found the more authentic, open, and relaxed you can be, often the more fun you’ll have meeting people. It’s all about seeing if there’s enough of a connection that you’d be open to a first date.

We recommend during the rotations you mark down if you’d like to see the person you just met with again. If you wait until the end of the night or the break it can get difficult to keep all the names and faces straight.

That’s a lot of dates, is there a break?
Absolutely! We break in the middle to provide time to mix and mingle, use the restrooms, refill drinks, or just take a moment to recharge. The break typically lasts around 10 minutes.
What happens at the end of the event?
At the end, you’ll return your match sheets letting us know who you are interested in seeing again. If it’s mutual, we’ll reach out the following day to let you both know. Then it’s up to the two of you to start planning that first date!
What if they seem cool, but more as a friend?
No problem! Our date cards have both a friend and date selection box. If both people pick date, you’ll get a date match. Otherwise, if both people pick friend, you’ll get a friend match.