What kind of events does LGBT Singles Events have?
We try to have a mix of structured and unstructured events to provide everyone enough options to try something they’d enjoy. Our speed dating events are quite popular and tend to fill up quickly. As we build our brand here in Denver, we’ll look to launch more unstructured events like happy hours, mixers, scavenger hunts, trivia or game nights, group dating, and more!
What are the events like?
If you are tired of the online dating scene, in person events can be a great alternative. Our events are fun and give you a chance to meet people face-to-face to see if there is any chemistry. You probably won’t want to date everyone, but chances are there will be a few people you will want to see again.

The people you will meet will likely be friendly and normal. Most people that attend are those who are interested in trying something different and prefer to meet people in real life. It might seem nerve wracking on your first time, but you’ll quickly see how fun and easy it is.

What if I don’t know anyone coming?
Most singles come to our events alone, some bring a friend or two, though on average most people are meeting everyone for the first time. Our structured events are a great low-pressure way to meet new people without having to initiate an interaction. We set everything up for you in group or speed dating mini-dates. Though you’re always welcome to bring a friend!
Do I need to bring a ticket?
We use a paperless ticketing system so there is no need to bring a printed copy of the ticket. We have everything online.
What age ranges do you cater too?
Most of our events are for all ages and are typically grouped by 40 & under and 40 & over. If you are a couple years outside of an age range, please pick the range most comfortable for you. The number of events we hold is completely dependent on the number of people we have asking for events. As demand increases, we’ll happily adjust to provide more events.
What if I need to cancel?
Our tickets are non-refundable. If you notify us more than 48 hours before the event, we can transfer your ticket to a different event or provide you a credit for a future event. If you notify us within 48 hours, you are welcome to give/sell your ticket to a friend just let us know so we can transfer the ticketed name. The friend would need to be in the same age range.
Can I buy tickets at the door?
Most of our events require a ticket in advance, however we keep ticket sales open until an hour or two prior to most events for last minute purchases. If ticket sales are available at the door, it will be specifically noted on the event and would be via credit or debit card only.
How does weather impact the events?
Most of our events are indoor so unless there is a huge ice or snow storm that shuts down the city, our events will typically go as scheduled. Outdoor events can be more impacted by the elements and the host will keep you apprised if weather becomes an issue, otherwise plan for the event to take place as scheduled.
What if I run into one of my ex’s?
While this isn’t very common we understand it is possible. If this happens and you feel uncomfortable please just let the host know to see what options might be available to switch the groupings around or table seatings, etc. We rarely have this issue, though if it comes up we’re happy to help!
How do you ensure the age groups are even?
Our tickets are tracked by age group and we monitor these closely coming up to each and every event. If one age group is lagging in ticket sales, we adjust our marketing and advertising as well as increase our email and social media campaigns. On the rare occasions the age groups aren’t completely filled, we will still proceed with the event as there’s still a lot of singles to meet, offering to attendees to combine age groups.
What is a “match” and how does it work?
During the event as you meet people you connect with, you’ll write down their name on the event card you receive. There will be two options – friend or date. Feel free to choose whichever context you would like to reconnect with the person. We find many people choose both, that way if the other person was just thinking friendship the connection can still continue. At the end of the event, you’ll provide your event card to the host and if the connection was mutual, you’ll receive an email the following day with their contact information.
What if I choose friend and they choose date?
If both people choose date, we’ll send a date match notification to start planning the first date. If both people choose friend, we’ll send a friend match notification. If one person chooses friend and the other chooses date, the mismatch will not create a mutual connection and neither person will be notified.
What if I have other questions?
Feel free to reach out to us anytime whether it is a general question, technical help, or anything else. We try to get back to everyone within 24-48 hours.